Image Export from the Photos App

November 22, 2017 by Gabe | [mmd] |

There's a very easy way to export screen shots from the macOS Photos app and resize them as smaller JPEGs along the way. I'll let this screen shot of the export screen speak for itself.

Image Export


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    The iPhone X is very good but it's still an awkward adjustment to a missing home button. So here are the gestures to internalize:

    Wake the screen — Just tap on the screen lightly.

    Access Camera from the Lock Screen — Swipe from right to left anywhere on the lock screen ...

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    Pretty impressive work coming out of AgileBits. 1Password X isn't for me, because I like the current arrangement of a desktop application integrating with the browser. I don't think I'm ready for direct browser to service password management even from one of the companies I trust the ...

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    If you're not using 1Blocker, I can highly recommend it. I use it on iOS and my Mac. While it only works with Safari, it's a pretty good shield against website poo. The latest update adds defense against bitcoin mining scripts.

    I use it for more than just ...

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    The only thing more boring than quitting things is writing about quitting things. Yet, here I am.

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    I generally walk around confident in my data hoarding. I have software to watch my back and, short of a massive solar flare, I don't worry about the safety of my stash. Here's what my system looked like three months ago.


    I have a Synology NAS with 16 ...

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    Rego is one of my favorite location apps for iOS. If you are unfamiliar with Rego, it’s kind of like Foursquare but private and with more utility. I use it to plan vacations, road trips, and hiking. I even used it to plan house hunting by dropping markers on ...