August 20, 2006 by Gabe | [mmd] |

When I setup the Mac Pro, I decided to go with a complete reinstall of my operating system and consequantly all of my applications. I tried the Migration assistant first (it was ridiculously easy and worked perfectly), but decided later that I wanted to stick to mostly Universal apps. The reinstall process really forces you to settle three things.

  1. Do I really need programs like "Coverflow" and "Radiolover"
  2. How many login items are too many
  3. Where the hell did I put all my serial numbers

Answers: Yes, 6, and everywhere. 1) It is precisely those little apps that make me love my Mac so much more than my Windows machine. They are just COOL. So I dutifully downloaded all of the newest installers (trying to stick with Universal Binaries). Given the ease of most installations on the mac, it really took no time at all. My one major complaint about OS X is that all of the applications end up in one single fold. Come on Steve, what kind of elegant user experience is that? 2) My startup items include: Growl (it really great user notification system), iTunes helper, Quicksilver (I can not function without QS), Chronosync Backgrounder (I backup every night at 3am) and iCal alarms. Microsoft tried to install their updater for office, but I gave it the boot. I figure anything else, I can do manually. 3) This is where my organization methods get a little sloppy. Luckily most of my serial numbers were sent by email so it was pretty easy to do a quick search to find most of them. The others were spread between Devonthink Pro and Kip (now Yep). I'll talk about these apps more later. After some digging and one email request for an old registration code I'm up and running.

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