Leopard on Youtube

September 18, 2006 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I haven't quite finished the second part of "The catch all application" so in the meantime, here's a couple more videos of Apple's upcoming OS release code name Leopard.

This one is actually like a little commercial for Apple. It shows most of the new hotness we can expect. Although I don't believe the Ipod web browser is real.

Here's one of the synthesized voices.

And one of the next iteration of Expose that most people are calling a fake.

I have to ask the question: Why go to all the trouble to fake OS pre-release videos? It seems like more effort than it could possibly be worth. I guess it's better than having those folks out writing viruses, worms or spam bots. Maybe those are the kind of artsy people that use the Mac. They would rather entertain than be malicious. More power to them.

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