Vienna gets an Update

September 23, 2006 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Along with that dejavu firmware update, I also received notice that my favorite RSS reader Vienna has been updated to Version There's no mention of the new features in this release and I haven't played with it enough to figure it out yet. I'm sure it is just one step closer to being perfect. Free or not, this application is really starting to ROCK! Picture 11


What's New: Version

          +  Add Blog With feature.
          +  Fix bug where mouse was tracking wrong browser tab.
          +  Fix bug: searching in 'any' smart folders wasn't done
          +  Updated all localisation except Traditional Chinese.
          +  Added Brazilian Portuguese localisation (thanks to Helvécio
          +  Change URL with feed:// to http:// during refresh.
          +  Fix bug with expanding file:// path.
          +  Compare article titles case insensitively when looking for
          +  Fix warning message for missing style.
          +  Add hidden preference to disable checking for updated
          +  After clicking link in article pane to open in foreground
            of external browser, return focus to article list.
          +  Fix bug in date parser.
          +  If there are no connection errors during refresh, then set
            the subscription's last update date even if there is no
            data. Could be http 304, for example.
          +  Added Korean localisation (thanks to Lee Seung Koo).
          +  Add AppleScript command for emptying trash.
          +  "Text contains" in smart folders now matches partial words.

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