Apple, why do you hate early adopters?

August 19, 2007 by Gabe | [mmd] |

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If you read through the posts on this site, you will see, on the whole, I love me some Apple products. I'm thinking of declaring Apple as a dependent on my next tax return. However, I'll be the first to warn a new switcher to stay away from first generation products. They are always buggy! Worse, rather than fix our hardware, they just release version 2 with the added feature of having fewer bugs. Now I know nothing is perfect, but it's pretty well know that Apple's Version 1 releases are particularly bad. I just received my new Apple keyboard to use with my MacPro. Sure, it's sexy. It's lightweight. The cord is slightly longer (which means I can recline and write). And... the function keys don't work. Oh wait, that's not a feature.

The first 4 function keys do nothing. In fact you can not reassign them to any function. I thought I got around the problem by just using the plethora of other F-keys provided. I just use F13-F16. But then I noticed the buttons on my Logitech MX Revolution mouse stopped working. I had a great work-flow that involved the side buttons on the mouse for Expose modes. Basically it looks like the keyboard breaks Expose and Dashboard triggers.

Has anyone else had this problem? The keyboard works just fine for my new iMac. I've installed and reinstalled the Apple Keyboard Software and Logitech Software as well as unplugging the keyboard several times.

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