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August 13, 2007 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Do you have a bunch of bin files laying around your documents folder from your PC days of using Nero Express. You know, those arcane disk images that fly all over the net. They're still out there. There is quite an endless supply on the old torrent-sphere. Well if you have a mac, you can open them right up and convert them to an MPEG-4 video file suitable for playing on your iPod or iPhone. It won't even cost you anything. Here's the deal:

Download VLC for the Mac

After it's installed, right click on the "cue" file (it should have come with the "bin" file) and select open with VLC. Sure, VLC will play the video just the way it is, but we want it on our iPhone, so stop the video and go to the "File" menu of VLC. Select "Streaming/Exporting Wizard" (shortcut is shift-command-w). You should have a screen that looks like this: 200708121807 Now select "Transcode/Save to file" and click next 200708121807-1 Select "Existing playlist item" and then Next


Now we choose our video format to create. I like H.264 video and MPEG 4 Audio. Try experimenting and see what works best for you. 200708121808-1 On the Encapsulation format, I just choose MPEG 4.

Now click next and watch the video get transcoded to the iPod/iPhone compatible format. Pretty slick if you ask me. VLC is definitely a must have piece of software.


Correction--- Sorry about that, but after importing the video to iTunes, you will have to convert it for iPod (which is done by right clicking on the video in iTunes)

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