Out smarted by my own cleverness

October 29, 2007 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I will readily admit that I am paranoid about my digital life. My Mac has enough personal information on it that a genetic clone with my login password could completely replace me in my everyday life. I've talked about this concern previously.

I've gotten pretty smart about encrypting the really serious stuff. My method of choice happens to be Knox. But I started thinking about the unlikely event that someone might get my password and open the encrypted file. So I took it to another level. I made my user account folder invisible. I thought I was pretty clever. Until I needed to migrate my data to my new Leopard install.

I started my upgraded to Leopard by doing migration install on a blank drive, but I changed my mind after the install was complete. I just went ahead and did a clean install on the same drive, which of course reformats the drive. So by this time I I had forgotten my super-genius plan to hide my user folder. After the install was complete I went to the drive containing the old system and guess what was missing from the user folder. That's right... my user folder, which of course was invisible.

I thought that Leopard had some how magically deleted a user folder on a totally separate drive. finally, I decided that no way would Cupertino do that to me. I fired up my old system drive and voila, everything was intact. I eventually figured it all out and fixed the problem.

The moral to the story is that Apple loves me and would never hurt me.