Keyboard Maestro Pipes

May 25, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Just a quick addendum to my recent post about intercepting the CMD-Q keys in apps. I wanted to let the developer, Peter Lewis, know that I changed his suggested macro to make it more universal. He responded to my email right away and blew my mind with another option.

Keyboard Maestro supports the Boolean conjunction "or" via pipes (that key just above the backslash on your keyboard) for arguments. Here's a snippet from his email:

"The tip works, but you're right, it has to be specific to each application.

There are a number of alternatives, and in Keyboard Maestro 5, the answer is made trivial with the Quit Current Application action.

For version 4, since menu items allow or options, you can use an action like this:

That should work.

The problem with simulating the Command-Q is that there is a risk you'll just run the macro again."


A-MAZE-ING! This application is becoming truly powerful and I can not wait for version 5.

postscript: I have been using the macro regularly and I have not had any issues with using the macro I previously posted. I do plan to switch the implementation to this format. If the developer tells you there's a better way, you better believe it.