Apple Asked for HTML5

June 17, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |


The Financial Times recently introduced their new HTML5 web-app as an alternative to releasing a native app for iOS. Now the Zuckernaut is purportedly building an HTML5 web app for Facebook. There’s been a bit of FUD floating around that this is somehow a stick in the eye to Apple.

This is exactly what Apple has always wanted. Steve said 4 years ago that there are two development platforms for iOS. There is CocoaTouch for native apps and HTML5 for webapps.

Additionally, Apple clearly stated that they are taking 30% of subscriptions when a service is leveraging the Apple appstore for obtaining subscribers and managing data. That seems fair to me. Financial Times is now completely outside of Apple’s environment, does not use Apple resources and does not rely on Apple’s advertising. Kudos to them, but this is what Apple has been wanting.

Apple wants a better web.