Lion Preparedness

July 04, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

The Mac Power Users podcast had some great routines for getting ready for a new operating system. Go listen and take notes. Here are a few that I add to my own list of critical files.

Files to keep handy

  • AppleScript, Python, Perl and Ruby Scripts
  • Keyboard Maestro macros
  • Hazel scripts
  • Screenshots of critical preference panes
  • Bento database export (I still hate that it is stored in the library folder)
  • TextExpander Snippets
  • Mail Archive
  • TextMate themes

Must have applications

  • 1Password installer and registration code
  • Dropbox installer
  • nvAlt installer
  • LaunchBar installer
  • SuperDuper installer
  • PathFinder installer

Lists to prepare

  • Safari Plugins
  • Applications to install (easy if you use 1Password to track serial numbers)

With this combination of material, I can get any new machine or clean OS up and running just how I like. I’ve been slowly repurchasing high value software from the Mac AppStore just so I can have an install history available on every machine.