A Tale of Two Keyboards

August 31, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I work on a windows machine during the day and generally connect to a half dozen unix and windows machines throughout. I toil away in front of my monitor for many hours without direct sunlight. Needless to say, I do everything I can to lessen the irritation of working on Windows. To that end, I’ve been using the Das Keyboard for about 18 months.

I really like the feel of the keyboard and appreciate the heft of the object. I can pound away in fits of rage at the Microsoft experience and the keyboard stays put and the mechanical keys snap back responsively. However there is one downside to the Das Keyboard. It’s LOUD. I mean loud like an old typewriter. I don’t have the “silent” version of the Das. I have the original Model S which clanks like a steampunk piano. The problem is, our work environment is a travesty known as an “open layout.” That means for 18 months, I’ve been wearing away the good-will my colleagues have for me.

So I decided to retire the Das Keyboard. I’ve been looking for alternatives and even considered the Silent model of the Das. However, this article from Macworld caught my eye the other day. The Logitech K750 keyboard looked nice and the lack of batteries was a real bonus. No cables, no batteries and nice look. So I ordered it off of Amazon. After my first week with the keyboard, I am happy to report that it’s a good replacement. Importantly, it stays solidly grounded (yes, I type very hard) and is silent