1Password on MAS: Dropbox Sync Issue

September 08, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I was excited to finally migrate my 1Password install to the Mac AppStore. I've been slowly repurchasing through the MAS so that I can quit maintaining an inventory of all of my application licenses.

Unfortunatley, there is a significant bug with the MAS version. I keep my Dropbox folder on a secondary internal drive so as to save space on my SSD. The new 1Password assumes that Dropbox is always installed in the user folder. When trying to setup 1Password to sync through Dropbox I get a hairy error message.

Further, due to the high profile launch, some of the normal support routes are closed or bogged down. The email page says the wait is over 7 days and to use the forum. Fortunately the forum is very responsive.

The real problem is that it appears that due to sandboxing restrictions the MAS version will not support a Dropbox folder outside of the user folder. I'm crossing my fingers that the non-MAS version receives updates and migration to v4 when it is released.