On Evernote

September 30, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Brett Terpstra had a post a few days ago about how he uses Evernote even though he is predominately a plain text guy. Brett makes perfect sense. Damn him!

I used Evernote like crazy for a long time. I paid for premium service for a long time. But it worried me that it was a hole I was digging that I might not be able to get my carefully curated notes out of. Now Brett comes along and makes a perfectly rational argument for using it where appropriate. I have to admit, I have missed Evernote.

I do like having most of my notes as plain text in Simplenote and Dropbox but Evernote certainly has a sweet spot.

Veritrope (love this site) has some great scripts for dealing with Evernote and Devonthink. The Evernote to Devonthink script works really well and is one of the best written AppleScripts your going to read this month. Thing of beauty.

With this tool at hand, I can schedule a regular job to extract my Evernote entries and tags and put them in a Devonthink Pro Office database.

I realize Evernote has it's own export function but it did not handle my library well and I lost all of my tags. This script works better than the native export.