DaVinci ToDo List [Link]

November 22, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

This post at NPR is interesting on so many different levels. It's about Leonardo da Vinci's todo list. It has left me a sense of being normal. Here's a few thoughts I had during and after reading this.

  1. Many Todo's are to learn something new from an expert
  2. Text and doodles are always better than just one alone
  3. He didn't segregate subjects. He just kept a list of how he wanted to get better or things to make
  4. Amazingly, he was successful without strict adherence to GTD1
  5. Given enough time and research money a standardized test can be created to measure creativity2

By way of Kottke

  1. Sorry. I'm not a fan of strict adherence to productivity suggestions. I guess I'm trolling a bit. I get it. He was Leonardo da Vinci
  2. I am also not a fan of standardized tests nor schools of thought that they are valuable or meaningful.