iTunes Match Curious

November 15, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Now that Apple has data on a great number of music tracks uploaded or linked with their iTunes Match system, I would love to see some anonymous data about the tracks. There are a number of things Apple should be able to discern from the files.

  1. What percentage of tracks are pirated
  2. What is the time distribution of pirated tracks (I bet the majority of pirated music was downloaded in the Napster boon)
  3. What is the average bit rate of tracks
  4. What percentage of tracks are from Amazon
  5. What percentage of tracks are ripped from CD’s
  6. What does the genre distribution of music look like
  7. What are the top most pirated tracks/artists/albums

Do I think Apple has access to this data? Yes. Do I think Apple will make it publicly available? No. Do I think they will use this information to their advantage? Most certainly.