Writer Workflows: Introduction

November 27, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

We all have our tools and workflows for creating content. I love some of mine while others feel like sand in my shorts every time I use them. I was inspired by the Mac Power Users workflow shows and became preoccupied with the process by which other Mac nerds research and compose articles on the web.

I wanted to know about their tools and about their process. I wanted to know if I could improve my system by looking to people that geek out with Markdown or Shell scripts or TextExpander.

Several very nice and very geeky Mac users have already agreed to share their little worlds so I will post the results here as I get them. I find these things fascinating and presume that a couple of other people will too. So in the spirit of David Sparks' HomeScreens series and Shawn Blanc's Sweet Mac Setups I've posed some questions and plan to post the responses here. Enjoy.