Footnote Styles

December 26, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

While I like the technical fortitude of Dr.Drang’s footnote solution, I’m not a fan of the superscripted footnote. I’ve always preferred a citation reference as a parenthetical reference and I like the same style for footnotes. I’ve gradually started to include footnotes as bracketed numerical references in my posts here.[1]

I come from the small segment of society known as chemists[2]. I learned my writing methodology from the ACS Style Guide and as a chemist, superscripts and subscripts have various meanings that I prefer to keep separate from my writing. Of course, I’m still doing it wrong, since the ACS style is an italic number inside parentheses. Maybe I should have been an Electrical Engineer. So it goes.

  1. It started because I was writing in Markdown and I just liked how it looked. References standout a bit more and are easier to click or tap.  ↩

  2. The US kind where we perform chemical reactions to create new molecules. Not a UK pharmacist.  ↩