December 18, 2011 by Gabe | [mmd] |

ReadNow[1] is a native application for growing and reading Instapaper and ReadItLater collections on the Mac. It takes a few aesthetic choices from Reeder, which is a good thing. The Instapaper Web site is fine, but nothing beats a native app like ReadNow. That’s one of my biggest roadblocks for catching up with my Instapaper backlog. There’s no good way to browse and organize Instapaper articles on the Mac. At least until now.

The single greatest feature is the most mundane: Drag and drop articles into folders. Perfect.

There’s plenty of other options to love, like Twitter, Pinboard and Evernote integration for sharing articles. There’s shortcut support for adding a pasteboard link to Instapaper and some basic options for adjusting the article display. It’s a nice start. Now if only Reeder, Pinboard and ReadNow could cozy up and make a unified link aggregation app that supports both RSS, Pinboard and Instapaper in one application.[2]

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  2. Sure, RSS could be a unifying method, but it’s not a good one. Browsing my Pinboard links as an RSS feed is like a drinking from a firehose.