Blog Syncing With ifttt

January 26, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I'm not a huge fan of new and free web services. They do easily and often. Most of the time I'd rather build my own solution if I can. Hypocritically, I love ifttt (If This Then That) for some background syncing functions. For example I have a couple of rules syncing and Instapaper.1 Whenever I tag something in Pinboard with "instapaper" it is automatically added to Instapaper.

I found another great use that I probably would not spend time developing myself. Ifttt provides an action for WordPress blogs. The action has two modes. The first will download the content of a post to another ifttt available service. I setup two. One creates a post in Evernote whenever there is new content. The second downloads a link of the post into Dropbox. The action is quite nice. It understands most of the critical WordPress fields and they can be mapped to fields in Evernote, like title and folder and tag. They can also be mapped to the folder and file name in Dropbox.


There are additional options available that I do not use. For example, ifttt can also post to WordPress from any other connected service.

I just wish I could pay to keep Ifttt running. It will be a sad day when it goes offline.

  1. I have the built in syncing setup through Pinboard but that's only one way: Instapaper favorite to Pinboard.