Double Fine KickStarter

February 09, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

This was the first KickStarter project I joined. I have little time or attention for most games but I am an avid game lover.1 I listen to the Weekend Confirmed podcast every week. I know more about video games than most 13 year olds.2 I just never play them. I would love a world where software was developed this way. Show me something about what you plan to make. Include details about your track record. Give me updates of the progress. I'll buy the product in advance and you can collect the interest on that investment while you make it. Payments going directly to the producers is the future I want to invest in.

Update: By the time I posted this, they have raised double what their goal was. $1M from 27K backers. Fully funded in 8 hours. I hope other studios see opportunities here.

By way of the Verge

  1. I did recently complete the game Limbo. It is short and beautiful and thought provoking. 
  2. But far less than John Siracusa.