Home Made Aerogel and Epichlorohydrin

February 02, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

BoingBoing has an article out today that is titled in a cute "Maker" sort of way.

"HOWTO make aerogel"

Gee. Fun. The kids will love it. As they point out though, the ingredients are hazardous. Let me talk to you kids out there. Epichlorohydrin is NASTY and you don't want to use it even with a respirator. This stuff should only be handled by a trained chemist. I've used it, and it is quite reactive and plenty hazardous. It seems a little irresponsible for BoingBoing to suggest that it is a fun little homebrew project. Anything that requires epichlorohydrin is, by definition, NOT homebrew.