Samsung Bashing

February 08, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

There's a lot of joking about the latest Samsung offering, the Galaxy Note. It's a rather large phone-tablet device with a stylus. I've read and heard a lot of ridicule that confuses me. If we want Samsung to start innovating with their own products and stop copying Apple, this is them doing it. Sure, I would not buy or use a Samsung Note, I have an iPhone and iPad, which I think are superior. However, I'm glad Samsung has some R&D work going on and I hope they keep throwing ideas at the wall. This one did not stick, but they deserve some credit for finally trying to be original in the mobile space.

It's also strange to me that such a large number of people buy and praise the Cosmonaut stylus for iPad1 but also criticize Samsung for having a stylus. I know what Jobs said about a stylus. He also approved the hockey-puck mouse. For 98% of my iPad usage, direct interaction with my finger is superior. For the remaining 2%, the Cosmonaut is great. Unless you're a dog, the world is not black and white.2

  1. I own a Cosmonaut. It's nice and does have a place. Writing lengthy notes with a finger-tip is uncomfortable. 

  2. Dogs actually see in yellow, blue and violet, but that's a terrible literary device.