Good Mac Writing

March 05, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

There is a huge amount of writing about the world of Mac and Apple. My sensibilities tell me that most of it is either juvenile, poorly researched, poorly written, or cut and paste from another source. But there are good sources for information and news on this formerly niche topic.

I looked back over all of my favorited, Instapapered, and Pinboarded1 news articles to see if there was a common theme. Here's what I found, in approximate order of the number of articles saved for that source.

  2. Macworld
  4. TUAW
  5. ARStechnica

Items of Note

These reflect my tastes. I prefer well-considered articles rather than bullet lists.2 I prefer articles with plenty of external reference links. I like good writing. I don't like batshit crazy theories and guesses. I only care about Jonny Ive's ideas for a future iPad, iPhone or Mac.

For the next Apple Live Event Blog, I recommend Macworld and TUAW. Sometimes they have technical problems. I prefer those to ethical problems.3

EDIT: I've excluded non-news oriented sites from the list. Otherwise, it's a tie between and for the most saved articles.

  1. Yes, I have declared these as perfect-past-tense verbs. I take liberties with English. Or is it "took"? 
  2. Ironic, huh? 
  3. I'm being particularly harsh because I'm fed up like Peter is. Seriously, some of you are making us look like crazy assholes. Get it together people.