Ignorance, Laziness and Python

March 08, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Clark raises a concern over the death of AppScript. I have to say, I've never bothered with it so it will not dramatically impact me. I try not to use too many external Python modules. That's not because I'm a super-engineer. It's because I'm ignorant, lazy and selfish.

I'm ignorant to many of the modules that are available. PyPi is a good resource but the documentation is often lacking (that's being generous). It takes almost as much time to learn how to do it with standard Python modules as it usually does for me to use the new module.

I'm also too lazy to keep modules up to date when Python versions change. It's a lot of work to make sure each OS update still works with my hacks. The more modules, the more I have to install and test. It also means I need to document more. I need to leave myself notes in the code. I need to include GitHub sources and occasionally, complete explanations as to how to actually use the module. That's a lot of work.

Finally, I'm also selfish. My hacks are for me. While I may post them here (and I try to be verbose about how they work), they are ultimately made for me. Macdrifter.com is kind of a diary1 that I happen to share with everyone. I track my little solutions and tricks here. As often as I post, I return here to do a search. That means I'm not big on going out of my way to make the hacks easier for everyone else. If I can use something that I'm already familiar with, I will. If I need a module that requires an install, I will.

I am worried about the future of Python on OS X. As well, I'm worried about the future of any scripting language. I think Apple plans to support Automator and Objective C long term. Those are the two ends of the spectrum. I expect everything in the middle to wither and be cutoff. I have to choose what kind of user I plan to be. Where'd I put that Hillegass book?

  1. My comments about a technical solution and problem are as much for my future self as they are for the rest of you. The astute reader may have noticed I rarely use "you" in my posts. That's partially because It's not my place to tell anyone how they should do anything. But really, it's because I am talking to myself. Welcome to my dementia. Everyone's invited.