The Speck SmartShell Case

March 23, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I typically use my iPad with only a Smart Cover. I'm not a fan of cases for daily use. I initially liked the DODOcase because it protected my iPad but also disguised it. But three different DODOcases fell apart or broke within the first year. Now I use the smart cover and a cheap Case Logic sleeve for my day to day activities.

But when I travel or take my iPad out to a pub or coffee shop, I snap on the Speck SmartShell. See my review here. This is a very nice polycarbonate shell that works with the Smart Cover. Not only does it have cutouts that fit the Smart Cover, but it also has a magnet attachment point on the back of the case. This allows me to flip the cover back and have it stay there. I fully expected the iPad Pretty to have a new magnet on the back for just such a purpose. It does not.

Speck Case

But my wife has absconded with my SmartShell. She actually prefers it to the "naked" iPad. The magnet on the back is nice, but the case also has a thin rubberized coating that makes it more comfortable to hold.

I'm considering a new case and the Incipio Smart Feather case looks good. But the missing magnet on the back is potentially a deal breaker.