Dear Daughter

April 26, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I like this article on the Murverse.

So they hate you. But fuck ‘em. Because you are a force of nature, a powerhouse of emotion and talent and stubbornness and potential.

I'm a guy. I'm a father. I'm a dad to a little girl. I am not a superhero. I can't save her from the trappings of a society that still considers equality something reserved for rich white men.

I can teach her to be a superhero. I can give her the armor to defend against the slings and arrows of small minds. I can give her the cunning to outwit them at their own game. I can make her into a monument of self assurance and help her manifest a providence over her world that dimwitted dude-bros will never know. I can emphasize heroes like Nausicaä, Haru, Kiki and Ahsoka.

I can only do so much though. I'd burn down the world for her, but I really just need to give her the confidence to do it her self.