Did Gazelle.com Change?

April 07, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I've used Gazelle in the past to sell older electronics. They gave me an excellent price on my first generation Mac Pro. They have always offered a recycling service and I was eager to take advantage of the service to rid myself of some circa 1994 electronics.

Today I noticed that Gazelle.com has changed what their service is. They have drastically reduced the number of products they accept. It's interesting but not surprising that half of the devices listed are from Apple.

One additional notice was a little frustrating though. They appear to no longer offer a direct recycling service. Instead, they offer to help find a local service.

I guess they need to follow the dollars. It's too bad though, because Gazelle was shaping up to be an impressive service. It's still one of the best companies if you want a no-hassle method of reselling old Apple devices.