OpenMeta's Future

April 14, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I noticed this comment in the latest Default Folder X update:

Recent OpenMeta tags are now read separately from Leap and Yep because the new Mac App Store versions of these applications cannot share their recent tags via the standard OpenMeta mechanism.

I only use OpenMeta with one application, NVAlt. That's because NVAlt syncs Simplenote tags with OpenMeta. It's convenient because I have several Hazel rules that match the OpenMeta tags to trigger rules. It would be a minor inconvenience if that happened, but not a tragedy. I've already started preparing for the end of OpenMeta.

It makes me wonder what the future of OpenMeta is. It also makes me wonder when Apple will make Finder comments actually compatible with tags. I've never felt comfortable with the future of OpenMeta. I wonder if the AppStore will mean the end of OpenMeta.1

  1. OpenMeta may already have come to an end. There have been no significant updates to the project since October 2009.