The Family Side of Technology

April 07, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Today my family celebrated another spring together, or as some spiritual folks call it, Easter. We had a great time. Unlike the Easters of my childhood, today we shared it with family all over the country and my daughter will have videos of the entire affair when she is my age.

Grandma was able to join us over FaceTime. From the first sleepy steps out of bed to the delightful giggles of a three year old discovering a basket of goodies, Grandma could be with us. Between my wife and I, we captured an hour of HD video with our iPhones. A dozen or so photos are already twirling across our television connected to the AppleTV and PhotoStream.

While the geeks have inherited the earth, average families are enjoying the fruits of their labor. All of this cold glass and chrome is providing us with ways to capture and share some of our most intimate experiences with people we care about. My technology makes my life better in ways I didn't plan on.