WriteRoom Syncing

April 09, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I don't know how Jesse Grosjean did it, but somehow WriteRoom for iOS is syncing at an unbelievable rate with Dropbox. It's as if it is constantly syncing after every keystroke. It's syncing faster than Simplenote, which would make it the first Dropbox based text editor on iOS that could compete with sync on Simplenote.

To check it, I turned on Growl to notify me of Dropbox changes. As I wrote in WriteRoom on my iPad, I could see Prowl on my iPad flashing every second or two, indicating an updated file. In that interval, WriteRoom had pushed a change to Dropbox and Dropbox pushed the update to my iMac and Growl pushed a notification to me via Prowl. What is this magic and how does Jesse do it?

Kudos to WriteRoom for really figuring out Dropbox sync.