$10K to $15K a Day in Donations [Link]

May 15, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

The biggest Kickstarter in the world is still Congress. From This American Life:

I needed to bring in ten to fifteen thousand dollars a day [for two years]

Think about that. One congressman. $10K-$15K a day to get reelected. Not to build something. Not to create infrastructure. It's to run ads to buy votes from people that do not understand what they vote for.

Another great one about the return on investment for a giant corporate tax break called the American Jobs Creation Act1:

22,000%. So For every dollar on average these firms spent on tax lobbying they received $220 in tax benefits from this repatriation provision.

  1. It passed in 2004. Sure, it had other provisions tacked on, but it was really a huge tax shelter. How's that job creation working out?