DDG Site Search in Launchbar

May 21, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

This is kind of a "duh" tip but still one I use every day. I have several DuckDuckGo site specific searches in Launchbar. For this site, I just used the html parameters that show my own custom search results.


But really the basic site search prototype in LaunchBar looks like this, where the asterisk indicates where LaunchBar will insert the search terms:


Once it is saved and indexed:

  • cmd-opt to bring up LaunchBar
  • Type "macd" and return
  • Type the terms to search for and return
  • Get a new safari window with the results
  • Piss away the few seconds I saved on something else

To setup a new search, visit the LaunchBar Index. The click on the Search Templates (UTF-8) and click "Add..." at the bottom of the window. Create the new search and save and update the index.


A few other LaunchBar searches I have.1

Dr. Drang's wisdom:


Shawn's Goodness:


MacSparky's Notes:


Clark's Tricks:



One last one for Brett Terpstra. His search redirects so I just went with the redirected URL format.


  1. I often use the search that the site was designed to work with, unless it sucks.