May 31, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

The Tweetbot 2.4 update brings more advanced mute filters. It provides options to mute specific or general1 keywords as well as various Twitter clients and people. But Tweetbot makes mute filters a social interaction which is both funny and useful. Tap and hold on a filter to tweet it and allow followers to use the same filter. This is a trend I can really get behind.

I look forward to the day when technology is sufficiently advanced to filter based on intelligence. I guess that's what I've configured Tweetbot to do.

Mail rules give me a mute for email. Ad blockers give me a mute for banner ads. Tweetbot gives me a mute for Twitter. Instapaper gives me a mute for the internet.

  1. The mute filter also supports regex expression matching