Fathers Day

June 16, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

This is my third Fathers day as a dad. Being a dad means I can be an adult and a kid at the same time. My daughter and I live through each other vicariously. I get to experience everything all over again as if it's the first time and she has me to manifest an endless stream of wonders that she can't even dream of yet.

For this fathers day, I learned to draw Totoro. I practiced for a couple of weeks so that I could amaze a three year old. I practiced so that she could experience the mystery of finding Totoros hidden around the house and I could experience the joy of her finding them. The drawings aren't good, but to one little person they are like waking up and finding van Goghs all over the house.

Some Bad Art

Anyway, How to draw Totoro in 10 minutes. It took me two weeks. Totally worth it.