Marked Bonus Pack for Sublime Text

June 28, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

In case you need more convincing about getting Brett's Marked Bonus Pack here's a handy trick in Sublime Text.

Once the Bonus Pack is installed, the Build command for any Markdown or MultiMarkdown file in Sublime Text will open it in Marked.

And here's why you should get Brett's Markdown Bundle 1 for Sublime Text: Because it's gorgeous!

It recognizes YAML headers, H headers, links and a whole lot more. That's craftsmanship.2

  1. A more selfish reason is that it might get Brett to write more stuff in Python.  

  2. Although, it's a little out of date by Terpstra-years. The Github repo is like a month old already. I think that's one standard Terpstra year.