Skullcandy Fix Earbuds Review

June 26, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I purchased these headphones 1 in a pinch when I lost my Apple earbuds.2 I purchased them at "The Shack" for around $30.

The Feel

They are giant. If your ears have no internal structure and are simply giant gaping holes in your head, then these will work fine. If you have what are commonly considered mammal ears, then these are likely too big for you.

I'm pretty sure this is a 1:1 image:

The cable is thinner than Apple's headphones. They are also less prone to becoming tangled. What I noticed the most, was that they WOULD NOT FIT IN MY EARS. It felt like trying to keep two grapefruit spoons in my ears all day.

The Sound

They sound fine for earbuds. They are very loud. I have low expectations for earbuds and they live up to them.

The Mic

The built in controls are very nice. The buttons feel solid. The microphone works well. It may actually work better than Apple's microphone. I had fewer complaints about noise interference on calls and the volume of calls was good. The only problem with the mic, is that it is attached to the earbuds, which, as I mentioned, will not stay in my ears. Half of my phone calls involved muffled cursing on my end as I gingerly reeled in the headphones from off of the street and inserted the muck covered buds back into my ears to finish the call. Oh, urine soaked summertime streets of Cambridge. How I do not want your muck in my ears.3


These should have been named the Skullcandy Fezzik Earbuds because I'm pretty sure he was the ear model. I have buyers remorse and a possible ear infection.4

  1. Affiliate link. I'll get a small kick back for anyone dumb enough to buy these. 
  2. And by lost, I mean acquired by a three year old for unknown purposes. 
  3. I think I just wrote the title of a new Morrissey song. 
  4. I'm kidding of course. The earbuds wouldn't stay in my ears long enough. 5 second rule.