Bleeding To Death

July 05, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

I love new gadgets and new software. I get a warm-fuzzy just installing new software. I'm happy to try the latest beta releases or 1.0 versions1 for a large variety of applications. But there are a few areas that I steer clear of. I will not use "beta" software for the following purposes:


Ever reach inbox-zero by accident? Any application or service that touches my email better come as a result of serious testing. I'm an email pack rat. I file everything which means I also expect it to be there when I come back.


I take care in maintaining my calendar entries. I add notes and adjust reminders2. If a calendar app garbles or adjusts that info, there will be one pissed off customer sitting here.


My entire personal and professional life is aggregated in 100's of notes.3 I put things in notes so that I do not need to remember or think about them. If any application eats the birthday gift idea I had for my daughter, I'm going to be extremely bent out of shape.

Outside of these swaths of my binary self, I am willing to break just about anything. I will break it happily and with unmatched gusto. But break one of these and you have made a nemesis.

So anyway, I sure wish Apple would get their iCloud shit together.

  1. I'm pretty sure that the world has just accepted that beta and 1.0 releases are the same thing now. Thanks Google. 

  2. For the love of all science, set default reminders to at least 6 hours before the meeting. I prefer 24 hours. Setting a reminder 5 minutes before is almost always a dick move. 

  3. Ok, it's more like 1000's if I count my archive of old notes.