Cheering for the Anti-Google

July 17, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Everyone loves an underdog, but I was surprised by how many people were cheering for Yahoo1 since announcing their new CEO Marissa Mayer. Even Mike Monteiro got the warm and fuzzies on Twitter.

I really don't know anything about Ms. Mayer, but I have little hope for Yahoo under any CEO living or dead. To stop the infection, the only thing left to amputate is the head. However, I am nostalgic for the days when aggregating and searching the Internet was a priority.

I wonder how much of the current Yahoo cheering is really just cheering for an honest competitor to Google.2 Wouldn't it be great if Yahoo rose from the ashes like a phoenix and became a true challenger to Google? Wouldn't it be great is Google was forced to be competitive in search again?

  1. Sorry, I can not bring myself to spell Yahoo with the exclamation point. Punctuation is for the end of a sentence. An exclamation is for the end of an exciting sentence. 

  2. Sorry Bing. Copying Google is not competing. It's catching up.