Just Build In Virtualization Already

July 18, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

At least once a month there is a new application bundle for the Mac that includes Parallels or VMWare at a steeply discounted price. It's so common that I now consider the standard price of both to be around $50 and includes 9 other Mac apps.

Every time I have helped a Windows user migrate to Mac I have recommended Parallels. It eases the pain and gives them a sense of having a safety net even if they never use it. At this point, the best thing Apple could do to increase market share is to just include built-in virtualization with the OS. Bake it in and make it seamless and more Apple like. Make it part of the OS. Offer Migration assistant for Windows. Take away every excuse not to switch.

There are clearly some hurdles to get over but that's what Apple does. They make difficult things look easy.

Now I see that Bertrand Serlet has joined Parallels. This is a great sign and I hope it leads to a better experience in Parallels. I really hope it knocks down one more hurdle to native virtualization: licensing deals.1

  1. Just like they do with Nuance for voice recognition, which I would argue is even more integral to the platform experience than virtualization would be.