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QuickShot 1 has been out for awhile and I have used it for many months. I think it was Shawn Blanc's post that introduced me to it. I just realized that while it is on my home screen and I use it regularly, I've never recommended it. Let's rectify that situation.

QuickShot is a basic camera app with one core principle: Take a photo and immediately upload it to a specific Dropbox folder. I use this for grabbing photos of handwritten notes, white-boards, manuals and anything I want to keep that is not plain text.2

By turning off the "Save to Library" option, I can keep these photos out of my iCloud stream too.

QuickShot provides some default upload profiles but it is very easy to configure a new profile. There's not a lot to configure, other than the upload location and file naming pattern.

A profile has settings for the file naming scheme that can include shortcuts for the capture time and date as well as picture quality settings.

It's a simple solution for a simple problem and it works well. What's not to like?

The Good

  • Launches very quickly
  • Uploads fast
  • Good file naming options

The Bad

  • The camera is very basic. There is a control for the flash and tap to focus, but nothing else.
  • Changing to a different profile requires two menus.

QuickShot | $2 | iPhone

  1. Affiliate Link 

  2. I also use Evernote and Scanner Pro ocassionally and where appropriate.