The Family Lists

July 27, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

The most common way my wife and I use the Apple Reminders apps on iOS and now Mac is not to track tasks. It's become our family inventory system.

When we notice an item is running low in our refrigerator, we add it to our Grocery List. Siri makes this very easy. When one of us is at the grocery store, we just pop open the Reminders app on an iPhone to complete the shopping.

Another great convenience is tracking the stuff in the freezer. It's kind of the opposite of a shopping list. It's the "don't forget to eat that frozen meatloaf list"

Then there is the shared list of meals to plan and make. I use this to keep track of things I want to make and to help me come up with a shopping list.

These things don't fit in OmniFocus. They are not actionable. They are reference material.