Why So Many Links?

July 13, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

In the continuing saga of Blogging about Blogging:

I've been doing a lot of links lately, I know. For anyone that's interested, here's a bit of explanation.

I have three reasons I've been posting a lot more links.

Exercising some code

I've been tweaking the code for my blogging system. I've been adjusting how the linked articles are generated. Specifically, I have been trying to make Have a Mint analytics work with RSS feeds. It does not play well with Linked List type articles.1 I still have hope I can fix it, but for now, it does not work without modifying the URL of the post title.

I've been on vacation

It's summer. I like to read. That means I have a lot of stuff I'm plowing through in Instapaper and Fever.

I've been bored with the mainstream tech news

I have little interest in rumors or sensational headlines. I'm looking forward to Mountain Lion but I have all the info I need from three outlets I respect.2 I don't have anything intelligent to add to the discussion. Consequently, I have written little about "news".

If you like the links, then congratulations, you've found a treasure trove. If you hate the links, well, why are you still here?

I like diversity. For good or bad, this site is a reflection of my tastes and personality. I think the people that like the variety here are the people I would like to drink with. Everyone else can get off my lawn.

  1. I know there is such a thing as FeedBurner. Because I am a principled and masochistic guy with a blog, I'm trying really hard not to use Google analytics. How is there no alternative to FeedBurner? 

  2. Macstories, Macworld, and iMore