More on Glassboard Data Portability

Yes, I’m still talking about Glassboard. Would you rather I write about

I’m testing some of the Premium features and I like them a lot. The bookmarks are very convenient on an active board. The biggest advantage is the data export option.

Any board I own can be exported.1 The process takes two clicks. When the export is ready, I receive an email with a file attachment. The attachment is a web archive folder with everything nicely separated.

Every image and all of the comments and users are exported. It’s a self-contained snapshot of the board.

I think this was a big hurdle for me. If I’m going to use a service for meaningful conversations, I want to get it back out. For someone like me, that dislikes most social networks, I really like what Glassboard has built and where it is going.

  1. I think this is an important distinction. Only the board owner can export the info. No one else can export the content, even if they are a premium user. ↩︎