The Value of Writing

October 19, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

James Somers:

When I have a piece of writing in mind, what I have, in fact, is a mental bucket: an attractor for and generator of thought. It’s like a thematic gravity well, a magnet for what would otherwise be a mess of iron filings. I’ll read books differently and listen differently in conversations. In particular I’ll remember everything better; everything will mean more to me. That’s because everything I perceive will unconsciously engage on its way in with the substance of my preoccupation. A preoccupation, in that sense, is a hell of a useful thing for a mind.

By way of Ben Deaton's shiny new blog

Then there's this great post by Walton Jones:

I often fool myself into thinking I need to fix my workflow before I can accomplish anything. This is why I have purchased more “writing tools” than I would ever admit to my wife.

The right tool is the one I have. The right time is anytime. It's fun and cathartic to be a shitty writer.