Three Podcasts for this Week: October 15th

October 16, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Let's Make Mistakes with Andrea Seabrook: Listen to a respected journalist talk about the reality of politics. She's breaking down the smoke and mirrors that manipulate us all. She also curses, which was very nice to hear.

Roderick on the Line, In Pursuit of an Errant Leaf: Merlin and John get into some deep stuff about philosophy. This is one of those gems of a show that tricks you into thinking deeply about uncomfortable subjects. This format makes ROTL one of the best broadcasts available today. It's two Mensa hobos talking about philosophy.

Mac Power Users with Jean MacDonald: Jean talks about her personal history in marketing and with Smile Software. She also goes into her mission to bring girls into the male dominated world of software development. It was a fascinating discussion that departs from the typical tips show. This might be my favorite episode of MPU.