WriteRoom Updated with URL Schemes

October 18, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

My favorite quick-note text editor, WriteRoom is out today with an update that adds url-scheme access.

  • Create in a folder (uses .txt or custom default): new/folderpath/
  • Create with non-default extension (like .md): new/file.md
  • Create with body text: new/myfilename?body=Text goes here
  • Open from a folder (uses .txt or custom default): open/folderpath/filename
  • Open with a non-default extension (like .md): open/filename.md
  • Append text: open/myfile.txt?append=Text goes here
  • File search: writeroom://search/mysearchterms

There's also support for the FoldingText file extension (.ft) as well.