Time Magazine's Cover and the Art of Photography [Link]

November 05, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] | ℳ↫

From the Hipstamatic Blog:

Thank heavens we've abandoned the whole ridiculous folderol of artists painstakingly using exquisite optics and refined engineering to create images of profound light, depth, color, and shadow to compel joy, pity, terror, and wonder, thereby evoking mystery. It was all just a plot to make Ordinary People doubt their Specialness and make them "feel bad" about themselves.

Now that a grainy, flat representation of what might as well be dishpan soapsuds can be lauded as art, everyone can be a photographer! Take that, Ansel Adams! (He was _fat,_ you know. Think of all those stupid people, worshipping pictures taken by some _fat_ guy. And really, how many magazines did _he_ sell?)

Now that a journalist is anyone who can use a keyboard to phonetically represent a belch and the twee product used to create a photograph is more import than the image itself, anything is possible.

Ours is truly an age of wonders.

I really think our kids will look back at all of the photos taken with filters and ask us "what hell was wrong with you?"

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