Icons and OmniFocus Perspectives

December 13, 2012 by Gabe | [mmd] |

Who doesn't like a handsome looking OmniFocus theme? Some folks will sit and twiddle their theme for days1 and never consider the perspective icons. My goal for OmniFocus is that the application melts away and I just see my projects and tasks. A good color scheme is just part of that. Good perspective icons means I know instinctively which perspective to click without reading the name.

Silvia Gatta has put together a great set of icons in both 32x32px and 64x64px (for retina displays). The set is $5 and organized by suggested perspectives and icon concept.

Of course, I've got to throw in a good tip for using the collection. Go get Pixa and drag the entire folder of icons in. Now right click and organize by size. Boom. A nice view of all the icons in the subfolders separated into standard and Retina. Search by name or color and start cleaning up your ugly perspectives.

  1. While you may not go blind doing this, you may regret wasting time better spent making yourself go blind.