Some Sublime Text Plugins

January 03, 2013 by Gabe | [mmd] |


Available in Package Control

SublimeQuickFind makes search in Sublime Text a little more convenient and flexible. Select a word and hit Ctrl+S to jump to the next occurrence. Repeat as necessary. I set my command to Ctrl+Shift+S.

There are a couple options for this plugin. The "extend" option extends the selection to the next occurence. Some additional extras:

  • wrap: True
  • case_insensitive: True
  • use_regex: False
  • look_backwards: False
  • extend: False

Expand Selection to Quotes

Available in Package Control

This is a pretty handy plugin. Unlike Sublime's native "Expand Selection to Scope", which will select the quote marks and the text, Selection to Quotes omits the quote marks. It's a small but annoying difference.

Bracketeer and BracketHighlighter

Available in Package Control

Bracketeer is a nice little plugin for working with brackets. Place the cursor anywhere near a bracket and invoke bracketeer to insert, move or select brackets.

If you need more power, then BracketHighlighter is a secret weapon for working with brackets.1 I've mentioned it before and I use the heck out of it. Even without invoking the shortcuts for selecting, indenting and manipulating brackets, BracketHighlighter provides visual cues of all of the visible brackets and quotes. Very nice.

  1. Not all super spies can have cool dagger shoes. Some just need to work with brackets.