An Update to the CriticMarkup Highlight Syntax

February 16, 2013 by Gabe | [mmd] |

We are changing from this:

{{some highlighted text}}{>>comment about the selection<<}

To this:

{==some highlighted text==}{>>comment about the selection<<}

The Backstory

We decided to make a significant change to the Highlight syntax for CriticMarkup. Due to our own ignorance, we created a conflict with HTML templating engines like Mustache. One of our primary goals with CM is to avoid conflicts with "common" text markup languages like LaTeX, HTML, Textile and MultiMarkdown. By conflicting with a somewhat common and preexisting language, we were being buffoons. Since it is still the first week of this public project, we might as well fix that now.

Learn More

There's a new demo video and documentation over on the CM home.

We've also added a nice little video demonstrating how the new MultiMarkdown Composer beta handles CriticMarkup (and already uses the new syntax).

All of the tools on Github have been updated with this new syntax.

We hope this will be the last change to existing syntax. It's a lot of work and creates confusion but we did it for a good reason. You can always keep up with proposals to the language on Github or, better yet, our support pages.